Sync the Ward and Stake Calendars

You can sync the Ward / Stake calendars to your personal Google, Apple, and Microsoft calendar by following these instructions:

1. On your computer, go to

2. At the top-right corner, click the “My Account and Ward” link, then under the “My Ward” section, click on “Calendar.” (You’ll likely have to sign in with your account.)

3. In the left-navigation, click the ‘eye’ icons to show or hide the calendars you want to see/sync. (Anything visible here, will be what syncs to your personal calendar.)

4. At the top-right area, click the ‘gear’ icon, then click “Sync.”

The “Auto-synced Calendars from Your List” will show which calendars will sync to your calendar.

5. At the bottom-left area, click the “Synced Calendar URL” link, then click the blue “Copy URL” button.

6. Follow the instructions under the blue “Copy URL” button to use the copied calendar URL to sync/subscribe for Google, Apple, and Microsoft calendars.